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    Bio Barica Hyperbaric Therapy

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    Hyperbaric oxygen treatment consists on administering high concentrations of oxygen to the patient in an atmosphere at a pressure of 1.4ATM. Oxygen enters the body, to be distributed by the circulatory system to all organs and tissues. This therapy produces beneficial physiological effects on the body.
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    FlowLine Bipore

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    ePTFE Vascular Grafts
    • Unique Bipore design with two different fibril lengths for low Thromboganicity
    • An additional ePTFE wrap guarantees enhanced suture retention and high burst strength
    • Unique guideline indicates diameter and well thickness of the graft
    • Helical reinforcement for high resistance against kinking and compression
    • Excellent and pliable handling and suture behaviour
    • Simple and easy removal of the spiral reinforcement
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