Our Hyperbaric chamber charactertistics

  • Sleek, compact, light-weight, easy to use.
  • Low running costs and low maintenance.
  • Automatic pressure control.
  • High-tech features.
  • Proven design successfully used over 15 years.


We use the Bio Barica hyperbaric system with the Revitalair 430 hyperbaric chamber. Treatment is done at 1.4 ATM while breathing 100% oxygen. This is the lowest pressure that achieves all the medical effects of HBOT as recommended by UAHM association. At this pressure there in minimal risk of adverse effects. The compression-decompression cycle is also very short.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a rapidly developing treatment modality in various fields of dentistry. It is the administration of 100% oxygen to the patient for a specified time period, to increase the oxygen tension in the tissues and also its dissolution in the blood.

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