Post-exercise recovery is post-workout recovery or we can also talk about post-competition. It is as important as the preparation before and during it. However, not all athletes perform it and this can cause muscle injuries.

Football players, tennis players and basketball players have declared to benefit from this system for the recovery of injuries as well as to increase sports performance.

Performing Hyperbaric Chamber sessions plays an important role in sports medicine, since the demand for oxygen in the body can increase dramatically during the course of the exercise.

Most sports injuries are caused by excess training or muscle-ligament contusions. Most injuries can range from muscle cramps, partial or complete ruptures and post-effort muscle pain that appears later.

The HBOT can accelerate the recovery time of many of these injuries, since during physical exercise the tissues remain in a hypoxic state when the oxygen demand increases.

Performing Hyperbaric Chamber sessions benefits us in:

  • Improve aspects related to training and sports performance.
  • Promotes revascularization.
  • Increases the proliferation of fibroblasts.
  • It favors the formation of collagen.

The result of HBOT will be to have large amounts of oxygen bound to hemoglobin, and at the same time a large amount of oxygen diluted in all tissues.

Physiological effects of the Hyperbaric Chamber:

  • Formation of new tissue for healing.
  • Resolution of osteoligamentous injuries.
  • Neoangiogenesis.
  • Collagen synthesis.
  • Osteogenesis.

All these processes help in the formation of new tissues, in the repair of bones, cartilages and ligaments. They also accelerate the healing, recovery and rehabilitation times including after important athletic activities.